Hey, guys, we are back last two years we were talking about financial literacy and also poverty  . as we move on now we will be talking about business communication, types of business communication, why communication is so important in business,  some of the challenges that you face in business communication and many other topics that are related to business communication .social network is not the best to share communication there are just permanent.

communication is important to your company

-influence perception {culture, education}, increase productivity , improve employees satisfaction.

what is business communication?

according to the business dictionary “The sharing of information between people within an enterprise that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. In addition, business communication can also refer to how a company shares information to promote its product or services to potential consumers”.

types of business communication


Business technology has opened up new types of business communications. New communication methods include email, web conferencing, social networking, company websites, online chat and text messages. Electronic communication allows companies to send mass messages to several individuals quickly and at a low business cost.


Verbal communication is a common way individuals transfer their message to other individuals and businesses. Verbal communication methods may include meetings, in-person interviews, telephones and video conferencing. Verbal communication may be the best communication method because it allows people to assess the verbal or nonverbal inferences by individuals giving a message. It may also create a more comfortable environment for receivers to ask questions and get feedback from individuals giving the message. The increasing use of global business operations has created challenges for verbal communication. These challenges may include language barriers, cultural or social barriers, and time differences when giving messages. These challenges must be overcome for verbal communication to present a clear-cut message that receivers can act on quickly with little to no confusion.


Written communication includes internal business memos, formal letters, bulletin boards or posters and other various written communication forms. Individuals may choose to use written communication if they need to reach multiple individuals at different locations with a similar message. This communication time may also help senders conveyed technical messages that have several instructional steps individuals must follow or diagrams and charts needing to be reviewed for receivers to understand the message. Written communication also creates a paper trail for important messages. Individuals may be required to acknowledge receipt of the message or respond within a limited time frame. Organizations often use written communication to ensure they have documentation when correcting an issue or dealing with important legal situations.


 So by next week, we will talk about much more about business communication.
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Hello everyone,

The semester is coming to an end. so this  focused administrating 8 questionnaires in  preparation for my final paper. This time around i will be going outside the school  to administer some of the questionnaires.This was so very interesting i make some funny thing Chapter9 with people i made different type of people in the town.


Hello ever one today am gonna talk about chapter 9 of the book poor economic Reluctant entrepreneur Capital without capital, Business of the poor , Good job. Are there really a billion barefoot entrepreneurs, as the leaders of MFls and the socially-minded business gurus seem to believe? There are more than billion people who run their own farm or business,but most of them do this because they have no options.

Micro credit and other ways to help tiny businesses have an important role to play in the lives of the poor, because these tiny business will remain,perhaps for the foreseeable future, the only way many of the poor can manage to survive. But we are kidding ourselves if we think that these businesses can pave the way for a mass from poverty. 9-8 home-photo-chapter10


Hello, as you can see we now in week 9. This week, we carried out survey  here are some of the result


Most of them are female

most of them are form of education

mot of them are range of age 18-29


they use extra money for business

most of them had not ever heard of micro lending

most of them receive regular salary


if they need extra money they went to their family

most of them had never takes loan from the bank


most of them are their husband

most of then use to save money

most of then save their money at home