Keep learning from me. My cdv class  week five is very interesting i have more evidence of some topics, which are team building , communication public speaking i learn many thing in my cdv class if you take cdv course it will help you how to save your money,plan your family and so many thing in life.

Well first of all am will like to talk about team building :is a process aimed at developing cooperation and team work with in a team member must share a common goal since each member of a team plays and integral .There also four stages of group growth .

Building a strong team that can achieve its objectives can be accomplished by incorporating certain characteristics that encourage success.After a leader is selected,team members are informed of the objective and when goals are expected in team -building activities to establish trust and camaraderie among teammates.

  • Interaction Among Teammates :Another characteristic of successful group team building is to encourage team members to take ideals and suggestions from other members into consideration.Individuals trust and support their fellow teammates and involve them in decision-making.Individuals are also tolerant of differences among other team members and try out new they suggest.
  • LINES OF COMMUNICATION:Team building requires a mechanism for communication between the team leader and team members and among members.Consistent communication in the from of news letters ,status reports,emails and meetings ensure that team members are up to speed on what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.
  • DEFINITIVE DECISION- MAKING PROCESS:A successful group follows a procedure to make  decisions and  solve problems.This avoids the pitfall of extended and unproductive discussions that can result in frustration and inaction. A definitive procedure removes the burden of decision making  from one team member with strong opinions.The clearly stated procedure may be ensure that all members of the group have a hand in decisions. This procedure may be direct team members to reach consensus or decide by majority  vote.


Two  ways process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange encode information, news, ideals,and feelings but also create and share meaning .In general communication  is a mean s of connecting people or place .

Three types of public speaking.

Contact-making:those first impressions matter. Every interview ,audition or sales pitch, every stand at trade show or networking event is that first contact that could make all the difference.your public speaking  and self -presentation skills will influence the lasting impression you give, as they will be making their mind up about you within seconds.

Social speaking:- being able to stand up and make a confident speech to colleagues, family or friends, whether impromptu or rehearsed ,will enhance your social, business and professional image.

The high-stakes message:delivering the keynote speech at a business conference or making a successful training  presentation, giving a memorable performance or an inspirational and entertaining after -dinner speech all require polished and confident speaking skills

Three main speaking styles.

Cool presenter;is very cool nature individual.

Hot presenter ; he is very hot he read for any questions.

Dull presenter;he does not know what said he is just their.

Tips for using visual aids.

  • Avoid chalk boards
  • Prepare visuals in advances
  • Prepare them large enough
  • Avoid passing aid among audience
  • Follow me guys this is my financial literacy course


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