One of the biggest obstacles we face in the fight against poverty is that all too often, we don’t know what works and what don’t because we don’t collect good data.

Esther Duflo explain,applied a similar how, by using system of randomized controlled trials, we can  take the “guess-work out of aid .To make this real, she ask three  simple question and offers three simple solutions; how to immunize children, how to stop malaria and how to get children into school? In my own word , the most effective  way of saving children lives yet millions of children still die  every year due to preventable illnesses .So what measures could we take to encourage mothers to immunize their kid, to make immunization a priority.

The finally question Esther Duflo looks at the best way to get way to take children in to school, a question aid agencies have always grappled with.After conducting another randomized controlled trail the evidence showed that if you educate people  about the benefits of going to school, the number of a year of a child goes to school increases to an astounding 40 years for every 100 of aid spent.in traditional ways such as providing food,school uniforms.in the video i found that in a area where intestinal worms,deworming  the children got you many years of education.At the end of the video Ester has approach development  project in logical ways and how to solve problem of poverty and how to be come ends in the word.

For evidence watch the video in TED TALK .,……..images (66) images (25)images (25)images (89) 52369_1526423277734_1149216262_31185819_7082051_o


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