week four

Poverty and Risk:A review of poor economics. A radical thinking of they to fight global poverty, by Abihijit v.Banerjee and Ester. How,if at all can risk analysis help us to better understand and address the interlinked challenge of global poverty the self-perpetuating feedback loops, or vicious cycles,of low income,education,and proclivity, poor nutrition and young children and especially for infants and young children and especially for girls in many countries.Woefully inadequate medical care and disease prevention,denied opportunities costly access and credit, insurance, and saving account, low rates of individual and societal saving and investment,inefficient and corrupt institutions, and slow or negative economic growth? These problems are notoriously recalcitrant.They appear at first to be largely the consequences of political and economic conditions that have little to do with the usual risk analysis concerns of risk perception, assessment, management, and communication, Yet if well researched claims in a recent book  on the economic of poverty poor economics; A Radical rethinking of the way to fight Global poverty ,by respected economics Benejee and Duflo are contest then these traditional risk analysis discipline may be crucial in figuring out how to replace vicious cycles with virtuoso ones, helping to shift people and countries grappled in cycles of poverty onto a path toward greater and more predictable growth in property, health, education, nutrition for children and financial well-being.


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