week ll

Chimamada Achichie tell the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice and warms that if we hear only a story about the person or country we risk a critical misunderstanding—— TED-ED VIDEO— I wrote exactly  the  kind of stories was reading ; All my charters were white and blue – eyed….

The speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,beings by telling us a story about what she would write about as a child .She would write stories that were similar to the foreign stories she would read which contained white skinned children with blue eyes ,nothing like her.Until she found African stories is when she realized that people like her could be in stories.If we hear or read stories about a part of the world we tend to perceive that of the world as the stories describe those places. Those stories we receive make us feel certain emotions like pity , towards the people that live in those place. Adichie  gives an experience of her own about a single story when she heard the debates about immigration in the United States. Immigrations in American became equal to Mexicans,that were sneaking across the border. When she visited Guadajara she was a bit to say,”Show people as one thing and one things only over and over  again and that is what they also robs people of dignity and emphasizes how different people are. By engaging with all the stories of a person, place ,or issue , the trap of a single story can avoided.Adichie could have looked at the Mexican and U.S side of the immigration issue so she would have balanced the stories and not fallen into the single story trap .I agree that the single story makes the differences in people stand out and the single story is an incomplete description .


Summary and reviews of the boy who harnessed the wind by William kamkwamba, plus links to a book excerpt from the boy  who Harnessed  the wind .He came from a poor family.At the age of 14 he staring planing for his family he build up his family at the age of 22, he is a small family when he was sent back home for school his father has no money, at that time his star how to sough ways to improve the live hoods of the residents of kasungu district.


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